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Russel & Co

Russel & Co

Russel & Co


Eighty percent of what you taste comes through the nose. Josiahs combinations with intense botanicals, natural Quinine and bigger bubbles, makes the perfect mix of ingredients for your highball cocktail.


1887. The history of Russell & Co begins in 1887, when Josiah Russell, a soft drinks manufacturer from London, opens a small factory in the heart of Rotterdam. The company expands rapidly due to a large network of distributors, scattered over the Netherlands.

As one of the first, Russell & Co introduces tonic to the Dutch market. Many successful years follow, driven by the growing popularity of soft drinks such as ginger ale, tonic and lemonades. During the second world war, business partner, J.C. Tims, takes over the company.

Today we bring back Russell & Co to the consumer with three new flavors, inspired by its rich heritage. Russell & Co is contemporary, inspiring and a high-quality brand. A premium brand, for the sophisticated. With this new collection, Russell & Co, est. 1887, honors her origin and offers a range of elegant soft drinks inspired by the authentic flavors of the past. Rich, distinguished, original.

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